Copywriting and Storytelling
I have been where you sit now. Many times.

To complete a critical project — some real research, organization, and writing will be required. Then? Several rounds of revision to clarify your thinking.

But you have valid objections:

“My workload is already TOO LARGE.”
“Right this moment, several priorities compete for my attention.”

“What about the action items I owe from last week?”

“Isn’t that All-Hands-On-Deck meeting scheduled today?”
“… The one I must prepare for now?”

So, you promise yourself you’ll arrive early tomorrow.

These writing tasks can’t fall behind!

Yet, if you’re honest with yourself, you know tomorrow will be another day like today.

I hear this often. Extremely motivated and success-minded business professionals like you share complaints like:

“I can write, but it’s not my core skill.”
“Colleagues depend on me for other important things. This is not the best use of my time.”

“Our office is too noisy to concentrate.”
“People constantly huddle at nearby desks or chat on phones. Too many interruptions. I must field a constant stream texts, emails, and instant messages throughout the day.”

“We have complex, sometimes technical solutions.”
“How can I simplify all this for our audience? I think we need a copywriter to position this better.”

“I have too many meetings and calls each week.”
“Not only must I attend all these meetings – and dial-in to conference calls – but colleagues need me to bring answers to questions that sprang up at our last gathering. Sometimes, I even must create slides to present a full solution to the group.”

“My workload is already too large.”
“Seems like for each of those meetings – I come away with two or three NEW action items.”

“There’s a lack of information. Or, too much.“
“I’ve got a batch of product specs and rough slides. Where do I begin? How should I organize and structure this?”

“I can easily explain why our product (or idea) rocks.”
“But I can’t get the ideas down. How do I get all this across to customers?”

“I’m more of an “idea person” or “relationship builder.”
“My boss counts on me to develop new business prospects and liaison with customers or business partners. I’m great with ideas and people. Having to put details into writing just slows me down!”

“I can pull a rough draft together.”
“But I need someone to tighten it up before we can go further.”

“Our everyday needs always seem to take priority.”
“I don’t want to say it’s procrastination. But it’s hard to get into a focused state of mind. I can always justify putting this off. Hey, I just remembered … I need to alert my boss about something.”

“We need to generate more leads.”
“I know we must be more active on social media. But for that, we need quality content on our site. And for that, we must narrow down our ideas, perform comprehensive research, and start drafting these copy decks. I need help with that.”

“I know our products are compelling. But I can’t get the words down.”
“How do I get that across to customers? What should be emphasized? I’ve heard we need to leverage benefit headlines and copy. How would I do that?”

“I can comment on a draft to help improve it.”
“But I need someone to pull together the first version.”

“We need visuals to support the words.”
“I know our customers would understand these concepts better if we could create illustrations as well. I can assemble something basic, but need someone to make it look sharp.”

If you take nothing else away from this page, I want you to take this advice to heart:
For things to improve, you must take an action.

I’m here to help in two ways:

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  2. I can collaborate with you. This is what I do. But it’s totally optional. If you have interest, we can chat about your task. You can send that batch of slides, notes, specs, or ideas and we can just start rolling. If for some reason your topic is not in my wheelhouse, I won’t waste your time. I’ll offer you advice and perhaps a referral. But, we’ll get you moving in the right direction.

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Then, I’m glad we could have this little chat!



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