Generate Design Concepts

The best design for any given product, business, or situation will usually reflect core values and help communicate the tone.

When you set out to create compelling visuals for your brand or specific project, it can be useful as a first step to generate a range of design concepts as a foundation for exploration.

“A good design begins with a good design concept. You’re trying to solve a problem and your concept will lead the way and give you direction for your design decisions.“ —Steven Bradley

Investing some time and thought into creative concepts can lead to places you may not have expected — but with stunning results.

Investing some time and thought into creative concepts can lead to places you may not have expected — but with stunning results.

Many considerations and approaches may come into play here. Often we find that “blue sky” brainstorming sessions where both we and the client team can free-associate ideas surrounding the product will generate a number of visual concepts to focus on. Other times, it helps to focus on core ideas and related challenges since we’re not as close to it as clients are. In either case, you want to let creativity run a bit rampant before you rein it in.

Peter Buttecali

Peter Buttecali

Creative Director, Woodpile Studios

“James demonstrates the ability to shape the creative while also maximizing the kinds of strategic ideas that help a business succeed.”

Try not to rule much out at this stage, because you never know what might end up having merit or leading to that GREAT IDEA. When your team and our creatives have room to operate in this frame of mind, good things tend to come from it.

“Let ideas breathe. Give wacky ideas the chance to become great ideas.”

Once we agree on a handful of concepts worth exploring, the Spark Creative designers can go to work. Sometimes they might assemble simple shapes together with type onto “mood boards.” Or if a more fully-formed idea comes to mind, they might run with it and create more detailed design comps.

“The more information you have the better you’ll be able to create different concepts for the design.” —Steven Bradley

Either way, we collaborate closely with your team to generate design concepts that help make decisions easier for you.


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