Generate Useful Reports and Evaluate Analytics

It’s important to have engaging content, a well-designed website, and an effective promotion plan. But if you don’t measure how it’s all performing and then make strategic adjustments based on that intelligence, you’re not going to maximize results.

“No company in the Milky Way has succeeded without having a balanced portfolio of acquisition channels (fancy word for source of traffic). How’s yours?” —Avinash Kaushik

We can help you generate useful reports and evaluate analytics. Spark Creative can help you navigate the sometimes hidden, technical items within Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and your hosting service provider’s control panel. Then, we can set up specific tracking, link actions to landing pages, and generate the kinds of reports you’ll want to see.

“Which content is most engaging? What type of content (videos, demos, pictures, reviews etc.) do visitors value more? Which content delivers business or non-profit value?” —Chloe Mason Gray

By having the Spark Creative team generate useful reports and evaluate analytics, you can conveniently get all the summarized data you need each week to make easier decisions. What might be equally valuable — in addition to those numbers we can provide context for what you’re looking at. We know industry benchmarks and are accustomed to spotting trends within the site activity numbers that can help you make more informed decisions.

“Google Analytics is rightfully considered one of the best because it is really a comprehensive tool, which gives you tons of useful data about your site.” —Vanessa Davis

From the moment we begin a new project or engagement, we become laser-focused on what we can accomplish each day that will keep us on – or put us ahead – of schedule.

Jon Linkov

Jon Linkov

Deputy Content Editor, Consumer Reports

“Great manager who was key in teaching, not just assigning. Would work for or with James again at any time.”

Consider allowing us to help you generate useful reports and evaluate analytics. Just tell us what you need to achieve and by when, and we’ll help you get started!


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