Host Targeted Webinars

You know that conferences and seminars can be a great place to promote your brand, products, and solutions. But in our experience, you should also consider the idea to host targeted webinars.

“A recent Marketing Sherpa study showed that the second-most effective social marketing tool after website design was virtual events and webinars.“ —Bruce Newman

Many business professionals look forward to webinars because they offer a chance to tune in from their desk at work — and often allow questions and discussion among a small group. Usually, a PowerPoint presentation will serve as a basis for the webinar, but it’s just a tool.

“People can sign up from anywhere in the world, extending your reach.” —Oli Gardner

A well-prepared Webinar can help you attract extremely qualified prospects.

A well-prepared Webinar can help you attract extremely qualified prospects.

Spark Creative can help you improve those presentations and get the word out about your webinar. We can take your PowerPoint files and turn them into business presentations that help you engage and make an impact. Allow the Spark Creative team to streamline your messaging, reevaluate the structure, create custom graphics, place meaningful charts, and program purposeful animations so your next business presentation is your best.

Another great advantage? If you were to host targeted webinars — you get to interact with and gather feedback from some of your most qualified prospects. If you’re hosting a webinar on a topic your audience cares about, those attendees get to know you better and can sometimes become advocates within their companies on behalf of your products and solutions.

To promote your webinar, Spark Creative can help you write emails with subject lines that will help build product awareness and generate a response. We can help you design a series of email templates that will reinforce your brand and complement your messaging. We can also help you test different approaches to find out what your audience is more likely to respond to going forward.

“Sometimes, reading something online doesn’t translate the way it could when you have a presenter talking about it in a live webinar.” —Sheenika Wilson

Last but not least, we can help you schedule your email marketing efforts through Mail Chimp or any other approved vendor so you can start tracking views, opens, and responses immediately.

Host targeted webinars — it can really help drive interest and results!


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