Project Management Process

We’re an organized and responsive bunch. It’s arguably what got us into this mess in the first place! (Ahem.) We’re huge on customer service and making sure our clients are completely satisfied with their engagement and deliverables.

The Spark Team is ready to help you manage your projects smoothly.

The Spark Team is ready to help you manage your projects so they proceed smoothly.

Those qualities nicely complement our ability to oversee the project management process in an orderly way, on schedule, and ahead of your deadlines.

We understand that you have your own action items to fulfill each week. It’s our job to take as much off your plate as possible in regard to projects we’re collaborating on together.

Spark Creative is quite handy mapping out production schedules based on what needs to get done and when. We’ve also learned how to navigate pitfalls that might otherwise cause delays or unexpected outside expenses.

From the moment we begin a new engagement, we become laser-focused on what we can accomplish each day to keep us all on schedule.

Lisa Merriam

Lisa Merriam

Brand Consultant , Merriam Associates

“James is one of the most organized people I've ever met. He can break down a complex marketing project into its key components and develop a workable, affordable plan.”

Whether you need a video, new website, simple brochure or other — we stand ready to operate as your external project management professional. Tell us what you need to achieve and by when, so we can get started!


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