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Once you’ve seen how content marketing helps increase website traffic, build followers, and boost results you probably don’t need more proof it works. But here’s the good news. All that content you’ve created makes it materially easier to generate even more.

Content  like this, that features infographics or workflow diagrams can be transformed into video format, as seen below.

Content like this, that features infographics or workflow diagrams can be transformed into video format, as seen below.

Sure, you definitely want to continue developing new ideas from scratch. Make sure your content marketing editorial schedule features all the topics you believe your prospects and customers will care most about. But having posted a cache of blog posts over a number of months gives you the ability to repurpose content much more easily.

After a given time period, take stock of what you’ve posted. The Spark Creative team can help you identify posts and visuals that are ripe for being repurposed as sidebars, in-depth features, or “part twos.” There may also be opportunities to create illustrations, videos, or infographics for topics that seem to have been popular the first time around.

Jean Buttecali

Jean Buttecali

Principal/Business Development, Woodpile Studios

“The way Spark Creative generates targeted content, compelling design, and innovative web solutions looks quite impressive.”

Curated content ascribes credibility, authority, and helps position your company as a thought leader. Here’s your chance to build on what you’ve worked so hard on already. When you consider how the content you own can be repackaged, it really makes the idea to repurpose content an easy call.

Get more value from your content. Create videos to reinforce concepts established elsewhere. This video is based on brochure above.

Spark Creative makes it easy:
We can help you evaluate your hottest topics and tee-up ideas for new posts. We can generate drafts based on research and then collaborate with your team to refine before posting.

The Spark Creative team is prepared to help you jump on any trending topics that make sense for you to weigh-in on rapidly. The more familiar with your offerings we are, the better this works. Remember, repurposing content is not limited to writing. We can also enhance written articles with images, illustrations, information graphics, videos, and response forms as needed.

Infographics typically feature a strategic arrangement of icons, illustrations, numbers, and copy to help you communicate a large amount of information in a small space. These information graphics have become popular across the web for content marketing, article support, gated content, and search engine optimization efforts. (More about infographics, here.)

The Spark Creative team has been cleverly devising information graphics and illustrations for years and years. Workflow illustrations are a form of infographic we regularly use to help simplify complex software and network processes for brochures, videos, web sites, presentations, and more. (More about illustrations, here.)

The explosive popularity of mobile devices has breathed new life into web videos. So, why not take advantage of that? We regularly generate video scripts. So let us get your video or animation project off the ground. We’ll tee up challenges that resonate with viewers and produce truly engaging video and web videos that help showcase your solutions. (More about videos, here.)

Spark Creative has been working to match up the right images for client projects for over twenty years. We know how to gather the images you need quickly and within the scope of your budget. (More about photos, here.)

Response Forms.
Consider that email efforts and social media marketing leverage content to help “drive” website traffic. Once prospects arrive there, the offer and incentive should be strong enough to persuade them to offer their contact information and email address. We can help make sure your response forms are user-friendly and engineered to deliver the exact information you need about each lead, quickly.



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