The style of the letters used to communicate your message is definitely a design decision. Type enables you convey a tone that’s anywhere from playful to serious, and can help reinforce your branding.

Typography is a craft with origins in handwriting — that was made more practical by the invention of moveable type and the printing press. Where there was once a limited set of type styles to choose from, there is now an overwhelming number of options.

“You want your audience to be able to recognize your company’s brand at any place or time. Typography marks your company and is the one thing the viewer will identify with time and time again.” —Big Fish Presentations

When developing branding for  Canon USA's "RUN" campaign, we selected the "Avenir" typeface to help reinforce the modern, streamlined nature of imageRUNNER solutions.

When developing branding for Canon USA’s “RUN” campaign, we selected the “Avenir” typeface to help reinforce the modern, streamlined nature of imageRUNNER solutions.

Typography trends ebb and flow, and it’s interesting to observe which faces “break out” to become popular. But there are always a number of typefaces that can help distinguish your brand from competitors.

The work doesn’t end when your typefaces are chosen, either. Depending on whether any given line of copy serves as a headline, text, or caption may determine how much more spacing finesse the letters will require. Typically when displayed in larger sizes, you’ll want to have the letters kerned so the spacing looks more harmonious.

“ …most of what passes for typographic wisdom has a strong basis, not only in the tradition and culture of typography and design, but even in recent science.” —Thomas Phinney

Our wide range of work in copywriting, print, and video has helped us build great expertise in typography over twenty years. The Spark Creative team stands ready to help you find just the right faces for your logo, website, collateral, and videos. We can also help you set all that type just right — to reinforce your brand and messaging in a professional manner.

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