Vertical Marketing and Industry Marketing

Your company may promote products broadly for a wide range of customers. But when your offerings can also be positioned more narrowly, vertical marketing can make a lot of sense.

For example, a technology firm may create products that are particularly useful in healthcare. Or, a software company might have solutions that help simplify tedious processes for accountants, bankers, or law offices.

Customizing your solutions for specific industries can help dramatically improve your outreach efforts.

Customizing your solutions for specific industries can help dramatically improve your outreach efforts.


“A vertical strategy can open new doors to where there may be less competition.” —Olin Thompson

Those are situations where it makes sense to position solutions for specific industry challenges. Vertical marketing helps you zero-in on prospects more likely to be receptive to your messaging. That’s a smart use of your marketing budget!

“This is a huge opportunity for businesses to improve the quality of their leads by offering hyper-relevant content for potential customers looking for answers to their problems.” —Matt Malone

Spark Creative has developed vertical marketing sales support materials for numerous clients over the years. Common deliverables include brochures, one sheets, videos, web pages, information graphics, market primers, white papers, customizable presentations, and more.

“Customers are often willing to pay a little more for an industry-specific program supported by people with industry-specific experience.“ —Olin Thompson

The Spark Creative team can lead you through the process of developing powerful, effective, vertical marketing materials in an organized, purposeful way.

Spark Creative vertical marketing for:

Though we’re game to help you research any market, we’ve become experts on many industries that respond well to vertical marketing. “Many industries have their own vocabulary that everyone in the industry uses instinctively.” —Olin Thompson

Nadia Reiman

Nadia Reiman

Senior Producer, StoryCorps

“James wields in-depth knowledge on the challenges and solutions his clients care about most. He routinely takes ownership over their projects and genuinely wants to help them succeed.”

With our deep understanding of the challenges facing professionals in healthcare, finance, banking, legal, education, manufacturing, and technology — the Spark Creative team can help ensure your vertical marketing efforts will resonate with qualified professionals in these industries.


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