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When a new website is needed, there can be a strong impulse to jump headlong into a redesign phase. But it’s best to resist the temptation. In fact, it’s critical to map out an orderly plan that’s aligned with your company’s top-line business goals.

For example, a consumer brand’s priority may be to drive seamless commercial transactions through mobile devices. Channel resellers may have great need to help prospects find convenient affiliate locations. Business-to-business marketers may face pressure to generate qualified leads in a hurry.

Here – despite strict technical limitations imposed by the hosting environment – we needed to ensure videos would play in a pop-up lightbox. More proof that Spark Creative is up for almost any challenge.

Here – despite strict technical limitations imposed by the hosting environment – we needed to ensure videos would play in a pop-up lightbox. More proof that Spark Creative is up for almost any challenge.

Your website development strategy needs to support those high-level goals from the start. When all stakeholders agree why the new site is being developed and exactly what it should accomplish, you’ll find the process much easier to manage and complete.

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Bilingual Marketing Manager, Canon Latin America (former)

“(James helped) us transform scores of videos, brochures, and web pages into a bilingual portal serving all Canon Latin America’s key regions.”

“On the technical front, a successful web site requires an understanding of front-end web development. This involves writing valid HTML / CSS code that complies to current web standards, maximizing functionality, as well as accessibility for as large an audience as possible.” —IDesign

We’ll help you build a compelling user experience uniquely geared for your company that features curated content geared to deliver the results you’re looking for.

“ … web development encompasses a lot more. It includes web design … web content development, client and server side scripting, server and configurations security as well as e-commerce application.” —Self Growth

Spark Creative makes it easy to get started:
Typically, website development needs to factor branding, graphic design, user experience design, content organization, search engine optimization and more. Website development usually follows from content and web design decisions that have been finalized — but might be more concerned with coding, technologies, IT administration, and the content management system.

Design and technology trends like the rapid growth of mobile devices will impact web design and website development considerations. For example, websites featuring responsive design for mobile devices have become a necessity in many industries.

We can begin with a comprehensive discovery process where we perform a competitive review, identify the key performance indicators you’ll use to evaluate it later, and define project scope. As we outline the new site structure, search engine optimization (SEO) should be a key consideration.

Certainly then, we can perform a deep dive on the products and services you offer and undertake a competitive review to confirm market positioning and clarify any unique value propositions.

From a technical perspective, we can also discuss which content management system (CMS) will best serve your needs over both short- and long-term. We’re quite handy leveraging WordPress for small- to mid-size companies, but also work with Joomla, Drupal, and proprietary systems.

However you look at it, we build strong websites that combine your industry experience with our strategic marketing expertise to help propel your ongoing success.

As we launch your new site, we can certainly connect to your various social media channels and help you start driving traffic, measuring results, and continue making improvements. We can help you add response forms, facilitate e-commerce, execute targeted email efforts, schedule messages and engage via Twitter. We can also set up a sophisticated Google AdWords campaign and much, much more.

The Spark Creative team’s 20+ years experience creating video, interactive, and web projects gives us a unique perspective on web development that will result in deliverables that make a difference for your business.


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