Zero-In On Better Prospects with Incentives

As a tool to encourage leads, incentives like white papers and infographics serve both companies and prospects well. If a person is willing to volunteer their contact information — sometimes including e-mail address and telephone number — it signals they value the gated content being offered and trust the company with their information.

“If you’re not currently using whitepapers to get the word out about your products or services, you’re missing out on these opportunities.” —Inc. Magazine

Likewise, if a business can package the right kind of information in a white paper, it tends to help qualify professionals as more valuable prospects for further communication. So, incentives that feature unique content can really help you zero-in on people who are more likely to buy from you.

“White papers are excellent lead-generation tools. There are many types of white papers, such as technical and government white papers.However, the white paper designed to generate a lead is unique.” —Pragmatic Marketing

Incentives like exclusive infographics or white papers can help dramatically boost landing page conversions.

Incentives like exclusive infographics or white papers can help dramatically boost landing page conversions.

Spark Creative has experience developing white papers for businesses in a range of industries. We can generate topic ideas, gather reputable data points, organize the research, outline structure into logical arguments, and massage drafts until ready for publication.

Magdalena Kadziola

Magdalena Kadziola

Product Manager, Canon Canada (former)

“I had a pleasure working with James on a project with a very tight deadline and I must say I continue to be impressed with the results!”

The targeted content in white papers can lend your company added credibility, authority, and helps position you a thought leader. “To revise the model for today’s environment, consider the white paper as the backbone of your content and a road map to engage and communicate about the unique value you bring.” —Content Marketing Institute

If you are looking for other incentive ideas, you may also want to consider an information graphic PDF. Lately, infographics have also become quite effective incentives because they often leverage useful information like statistics in a compact, visual format.

Spark Creative makes it easy to get started:
We’re prepared to help you jump on any topics that make sense to cover. We can also enhance your incentives with images, illustrations, and information graphics as needed.



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